Governance Council

Golden Eagle Charter School is a 501c3, non profit corporation.  Our Governance Council serves as the corporate board of directors, and is governed in its operations and actions by the corporate bylaws of the Charter School, which are consistent with the terms of the charter, the Charter Schools Act, and all other applicable laws.  The Governance Council has final authority for all aspects of the school’s operation and educational program.  The roles and responsibilities of the Governance Council include but are not limited to:

  • Finance:
    Monitor fiscal solvency and management.
    Approve budgets/spending and fiscal policies.
  • Educational Program:
    Monitor student performance.
    Ensure curriculum aligns with mission.
  • Personnel:
    Hire/fire/evaluate Director.
    Approve personnel policies.
  • Facilities:
    Enter into financing and building contracts.
    Approve construction and remodeling of facilities.

Regular Governance Council Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, except July.  Meetings are at 4:00 pm in the Mt. Shasta Main Office (August, October, January and April Meetings are held in the Yreka Program Center).

Shared Leadership

Collaboration is the key for the successful leadership at Golden Eagle Charter School.  The staff of GECS strongly believes that by empowering teachers and parents to participate in a leadership role, the school benefits from diverse knowledge and experience.  Our shared leadership model helps to strengthen the unity of the school and student performance.  GECS’s leadership model is made up of the Leadership Team, the Governance Council, and the Director.

Council Members