Student Learner Outcomes

Golden Eagle Charter School graduates will be:

Effective Communicators who:

1. Read skillfully and engage with text.

2. Write confidently and well.

3. Speak effectively and deliver presentations.

4. Are thoughtful, considerate, and active listeners.

5. Express ideas, solicit input, and work effectively in group / collaborative situations.

6. Have the skills to communicate with other people and resolve interpersonal conflicts.

7. Are able to explain their thinking.

8. Use a variety of technologies to share ideas and information.


Critical Thinkers who:

9.  Persevere in solving complex problems.

10. Understand and analyze information from a variety of sources.

11. Work effectively with others.

12. Know and apply varied and creative problem-solving strategies.

13. Know and apply mathematical concepts and skills to solve real world problems.

14. Question and verify the validity of information.

15. Use effective research strategies.


People Dedicated to the Pursuit of Personal Excellence who:

16. Support claims with valid evidence.

17. Are aware of their unique skills, talents, and interests.

18. Are ready to pursue career or college options after high school.

19. Demonstrate financial awareness and independent living skills.

20. Make healthy lifestyle choices.

21. Are culturally aware and appreciate diversity.

22. Value and participate in the arts.

23. Demonstrate responsibility, integrity, and respect for self and others.

24. Demonstrate active participation and service within their community.