Although we feel that self-reflection is the most productive form of assessment, GECS students are assessed in a variety of other ways.

Teacher Observation/Student Work:
On a day to day basis, the parents monitor student progress through assignments. On a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, depending on student’s age and program, the credentialed teacher interviews students and parents about progress on assignments. Teachers often give tests or quizzes on material at this time. The credentialed teacher checks student work, and creates a monthly report that documents student progress through state standards and other elective content.

Monthly Learning Record:
GECS creates a monthly report to document students’ progress through the California State Standards and other personally selected benchmarks. Click here for more information.

Standards Based Benchmarks/Report Cards:
In addition to daily/weekly/monthly reviews of student work, GECS students in grades K-12 are assessed using benchmarks for each of their core courses. The student’s credentialed teacher uses these benchmarks, as well as review of student’s daily work assignments, to assess student progress and assign credits on student semester report cards.

In Grades 9-12, students receive electronically generated report cards and official transcripts as generated by their credentialed teacher.

In grades K-6, the grade level benchmarks are used to assess student achievement of grade level standards, and double as a semester report card.

Grades 7-8 use grade level benchmarks for semester assessment in addition to a graded report card in subjects taken.


State Testing and Reporting

CAASPP Testing
In the spring, 3rd-11th grade students engage in the annual California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) testing. Students in grades 5, 7, and 9 complete the physical fitness assessment. These state mandated tests give GECS another perspective onstudent achievement and insight into how to direct school resources.


English Language Learner students complete the CELDT test annually, until they are classified as English Proficient by a trained, certified CELDT instructor/proctor.