Leadership Team

The Golden Eagle Charter School has a 7-9 member Leadership Team. The Leadership Team is composed of teachers, parents, the Director, the Coordinator and the Program Managers.  The Leadership Team is responsible for crafting the means to achieve the outcomes delineated and/or approved by the Governance Council. The roles and responsibilities of the Leadership Team include but are not limited to:

  • Finance:
    Develop and recommend annual budget/major budget changes.
    Implement fiscal recommendations.
    Review quarterly budget reports and audit report.
  • Educational Program:
    Review student performance data.
    Research/develop student data collection system.
    Develop/align standards, curriculum and assessment.
    Develop school calendar.
    Develop parent/student handbook.
  • Personnel:
    Conduct prospective employee interviews.
    Develop and/or recommend personnel policies.
    Develop/implement professional development plan.
  • Facilities:
    Conduct school learning center needs assessment.
    Research school site, funding and facilities options.
    Make recommendation on facility needs and policies.

Leadership Team meetings are held every 3 to 4 weeks at one of our school programs. 

GECS strongly urges our parents and teachers to attend the Leadership Team meetings.

Shared Leadership

Collaboration is the key for the successful leadership at Golden Eagle Charter School.  The staff of GECS strongly believes that by empowering teachers and parents to participate in a leadership role, the school benefits from diverse knowledge and experience.  Our shared leadership model helps to strengthen the unity of the school and student performance.  GECS’s leadership model is made up of the Leadership Team, the Governance Council, and the Director.