High School Advising

In addition to regular high school courses, Golden Eagle offers multiple options for completing high school requirements.  Students can take courses at College of the Siskiyous and earn college credit at the same time they are completing high school, as COS courses count towards both college and high school requirements. For motivated students, it is even possible to obtain an Associate's degree along with your high school diploma. Contact your EF or the GECS Academic Counselor (alana@gecs.org) for more information.

In order to have all possible options open to you when you graduate, Golden Eagle recommends that all students complete the A-G courses required for admission to UC and CSU schools.  These include:

  • History/Social Science - 2 full years, including one year of World or European History and one year of US History or one semester of US History and one semester of US Government
  • English - 4 full years of college prepartory English courses
  • Mathematics - 3 full years of college preparatory mathematics courses
  • Laboratory Science - 2 full years of laboratory science covering fundamental topics in two of the followling disciplines: biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Language Other Than English - 2 full years of the same foreign language (including ASL)
  • Visual and Performing Arts - 1 full year of a course in one of the following disciplines: dance, drama/theater, music, or visual arts
  • College Prep Elective - 1 full year (could be an additional year of one of the above)

All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

These a-g requirements differ from the minimum graduation requirements in the level of math needed (through Integrated Math III or Algebra II), the laboratory science, requirement, the requirement for two years of foreign language AND one year of visual and performing arts, and the additional year of college prep elective.

Even if your plan is not to go directly to a 4-year university, students are encouraged to complete the a-g requirements to keep their options open; many students change their minds towards the end of high school, and many regret not having the option to apply to UC or CSU schools if they have not completed the a-g requirements.


Career Technical Education at GECS

Golden Eagle is pleased to offer three Career Technical Education Pathways: Culinary Arts, Computer Science, and Construction. Each of these pathways consists of 3 year-long courses, providing skills training, certifications, experience, and career information in these fields. Students can also pursue professional certificates through dual enrollment with College of the Siskiyous.