About GECS

The goal of Golden Eagle Charter School is to enable students to become competent, productive, literate, self-motivated, lifelong learners by providing each student, along with his/her parents the opportunity to design and implement a customized curriculum that is relevant, takes learning styles into consideration, embraces the student's interests and addresses the California State Standards. The student, parent, and a supervising California credentialed teacher contract as a team to facilitate this process.

Golden Eagle facilitates Personalized Learning for every student, offering a variety of educational programs and curriculum including:

  • Home schooling supportKids on Black Butte Hike
  • Challenging and creative curricula
  • Small learning communities
  • Educational resource centers
  • Enrichment classes
  • Tutoring
  • Computer learning
  • Small group instruction
  • Community vendors
  • Field trips
  • Assessment & testing

And more…

GECS typically serves the following types of student populations:

Traditional home school students - These students are generally supported in their educational endeavors by their parents, and they complete the bulk of their schooling at home. They may also take enrichment or core classes in the community or at the school site, such as science, literature, music, or gymnastics. The credentialed teacher helps guide the parents to be the finest teachers of their children.

Hybrid Students - Students new to homeschooling that are looking for a blended program including home instruction, classes and enrichment activities provided by our learning centers, and community classes. The credentialed teacher's involvement may vary from advisory and assessment capacity to one of almost complete administration of the student learning process.

Independent Study Students - These students generally at risk, have not been successful in traditional public school, and need extra help to meet their educational goals. These students meet with their credentialed teacher on a weekly basis, to receive instruction, receive new assignments and get feedback on assignments they have already completed.

School History

Golden Eagle Charter School (GECS) opened its doors for the 2004-2005 school year, after approval by the Siskiyou Union High School District Board of Trustees in 2004. The founders of the charter recognized the need to create a Siskiyou County-based independent study charter school, and were encouraged to do so by parents, students, and local education administrators. There were many homeschooled students in Siskiyou County who were served by out-of-county charters prior to Golden Eagle’s existence. There is a niche of students in this area whose families are committed to homeschooling, and need independent study options for many varied reasons. The mission of the school is to educate students through personalized learning, supporting parental choice in education. 

Opening with a staff of eight, serving 165 students in 2004, Golden Eagle enrollment has continued to grow throughout the years. We also support local vendors, including music and art teachers, local dance studios, and private academic tutors. Golden Eagle also offers its students many choices for enrichment, including educational programs and two lending libraries.