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    Golden Eagle's main goal is to do what we can to keep students and staff and their families healthy during the COVID19 pandemic. Following the Governor's announcement for all Californians to stay home, we have decided to push back the return date for classes, meetings, and other student in-person activities to April 14th. This date may be pushed out even further and as the situation evolves, we will keep you updated.

    Each GECS' Program will be sending out follow-up information on March 30th, with specifics on:

    1.  Picking up school breakfast

    2.  Accessing assignments from your EF 

    3.  Picking up and dropping off student work and curriculum

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There are a few things that parents and students should consider prior to enrolling in Golden Eagle Charter School.  The parent and student should be aware of their responsibilities before enrolling in a personalized learning program.

Some things to consider:

  • What do you see as your responsibilities as the primary director of your child's education?
  • Who will monitor your child's educational activities during school hours?
  • Do you feel that your skills are strong enough to support your child's academics?
  • Think about a typical day in home-based education and Personalized Learning for you and your child.
  • How will your child respond to you as the primary director of their education?
  • What are your expectations regarding home-based education and Personalized Learning?
  • How does your child feel about participating in home-based education and Personalized Learning?
  • What are your educational and personal goals for your child? What are your child's goals?
  • What supported or hindered your child from reaching these goals in his/her previous school?
  • If your child did not reach his or her goals in the previous school, what leads you to believe that Personalized Learning will enable your child to overcome these previous difficulties?
  • Is your child able to work independently with limited supervision by a certificated teacher?
  • How will your child socialize with peers if he/she is enrolled in Personalized Learning?

Golden Eagle Charter School serves students K-12 who reside in Siskiyou County and Castella, CA.  We make every effort to place students with an Educational Facilitator who serves their area.  Parents can also request an EF.

If you are interested in pursuing enrollment in our school, please call our main office at (530) 926-5800.

During the enrollment process, you and an EF will discuss the points listed above and this will help you determine if Personalized Learning is the right placement for your child. During the enrollment meeting, you and your Educational Facilitator will complete all the necessary documentation and set-up a personalized learning plan for your student.

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