About Homeschooling

What Is Personalized Learning?

Personalized Learning is a unique, blended classroom and non-classroom-based public educational model that is tailored to the needs and interests of each individual student. Personalized Learning is a 21st century, "on the leading edge" approach to public education that honors and recognizes the unique gifts, skills, passions, and attributes of each child. Personalized Learning is dedicated to developing individualized learning programs for each child whose intent is to engage each child in the learning process in the most productive and meaningful way to optimize each child's learning potential and success.

Leading educational research confirms the value and importance of several key elements that contribute to a child's academic success. The Personalized Learning model of education combines many of these key elements in its learning process. These key elements include parent involvement, responsibility, and participation in their children's education; small class sizes; learning program collaboration between teacher, parent, student, and school; ongoing credentialed teacher training; learning style assessment; flexible learning in multiple environments both within and beyond the classroom; home learning environment support; flexible curricular choices; multiple assessment tools and measurements; technology learning access; and varied pace learning.

How Does Personalized Learning work at Golden Eagle?

Students and parents receive support from credentialed teachers, in addition to opportunities for tutoring, small classes, field trips, technology and distance learning.  Educational materials are checked out to parents and students and are tracked through a library lending system.

Parents or guardians and their children work with a California credentialed teacher to determine educational goals and objectives, to create their individualized curriculum, and to determine the degree to which the credentialed teacher is involved.  This involvement may vary from advisory and assessment capacity to one of almost complete administration of the student learning process.  The credentialed teacher will meet with the student(s) and parent(s) on a regular basis (as provided by the written independent study agreement.)  The written independent study agreement is also a contract between the parent and the Charter School stipulating the distribution between the parent and the credentialed teacher of the following responsibilities:

  • Giving assignments and instruction.
  • Selecting curriculum.
  • Evaluating student work.
  • Arranging tutoring, small group classes, or cooperative learning projects.

The credentialed teacher is responsible for providing educational guidance and assistance requested by the parent.  The credentialed teacher is the primary support person and the liaison between the parent and the Charter School.

The credentialed teacher will:

  • Be responsible for the written agreement for independent study.
  • Provide educational resources to each student.
  • Assess the student's work, either orally or in written form.
  • Assess the child's level of education, modifying the curriculum as necessary and administer state mandated tests as required.
  • Document student learning and attendance.
  • Maintain records of credits for each subject earned by all students, based on work successfully completed.
  • Provide information to parents and students regarding the graduation requirements.

Parents are the primary facilitators and accept responsibility for their child’s educational program with the assistance of credentialed teachers and staff.

Parents will:

  • Be committed to understand and use the personalized learning strategy appropriately.
  • Participate with the credentialed teacher in the development of the student's educational plan, including goals, objectives, and assignments.
  • Facilitate student’s personalized learning program.
  • Take steps to ensure the timely submission to the credentialed teacher of all student work, completed assignments, and accurate records that will be needed for the assessment of student progress and attendance accounting as specified in the written agreement.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings with the credentialed teacher as agreed upon in the independent study written agreement.
  • Assume responsibility for supplied books, instructional materials and supplies and equipment.

Students will:

  • Make regular, scheduled contact with the credentialed teacher as specified in the written agreement, with parent participation.

Have all possible assignments available at meetings with student’s credentialed teacher.